What is an Escape Room?

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Everyone loves decoding mysteries, and there is no better way than doing this physically. Using your creativity for problem solving games is the best way to achieve this quest. This is an old game based on the conquests of the best in the field like Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to the Internet age, we can play high-ranking detectives online. It is now easy to replicate it physically and this has made it go viral.

The fun part in this game is that anything in the room can be a clue to solving the problem. You just have to look carefully and be suspicious of anything and everything. Look out for the minutest of clues as you seek to use them to your advantage. Even the oldest typewriter or record player should not be ignored. This means you will have to be as critical as you possibly can to crack the puzzle and make your way out in limited time. The game master will be monitoring the game and offering clues to help you out. Using the old phone, you will be receiving calls with suggestions, which will either deviate you more or help you edge closer home.

The online Version

The Internet has made it easy to play escape room. The online game has more features than the traditional game to give players a chance to benefit from clues.

Physical version

Today there are at least 600 escape room adventures across the country and still growing fast. The fans have made the game popular and irresistible. The demand is growing fast with 12 in the Washington area already. Each experience comes with different themes and settings but the same pattern and format in solving puzzles. Social and physical engagements play a significant role in ensuring the quickest solutions are made. This ensures the players improve their creative thinking abilities with every trial in the game. At first, the complex clues may be stressful to some people. However, every milestone brings more confidence to keep trying and beat more challenging tasks. When you finally find the key and unlock the door, the triumph is great and makes you forget the trials and frustration of the process. No one can dare admit that this is an easy game. Being a detective tasked with thinking out major solutions like James Bond cannot be an easy task for regular players. You will need time to learn and crack the complex tasks before earning the title of a detective.

You may not have enough time to learn much about your teammates because you only meet before the game starts. They could range from tourists, colleagues, family members, or friends. You should, therefore be ready to work with people you have nothing in common with them. If you have done it before, it will be more fun than for the first-timers. Learning how to work with one another is part of the fun in the game, without which, you may not stand a chance to win within the available limited time. Like all other sports, the game gives the players an opportunity to utilize teamwork to win. Cooperation and trusting teammates is therefore, one of the keys to finding your way out and cracking the mysteries. Relying on yourself only delays the time.

Rules on the Design


As a player, you should be concerned about others solving their puzzles. As much as your goal should be to seek help in solving your puzzles, you should not take delight in other people’s failure. The game should be full of cheering whenever a puzzle is solved because there are no adversaries in the escape room design. Fairness should be the first rule in solving the puzzles.

As a player, you should not focus on tricking people to solve your puzzles fast and win. You should help them find ways of solving other than blocking. Do not mislead other players. They are not adversaries but playmates. Puzzles can get challenging and seem almost impossible; this is where you need to take a pause and know it is only a game, no pressure. Avoid the temptation of using dishonest ways to solve puzzles.

Fairness means there is no punishment from a loss. Every player has equal number of resources; they all have the same chances of avoiding bad experiences and using their skills and experiences to solve puzzles.

Give a clue

When designing escape room, it is important to go into every detail and give players a clue in each stage. Some features might seem obvious and easy but should not be overlooked. There should be no unknowns in the puzzle, always give a clue to prevent players from spending time in guesswork.

Leaving out information to make the puzzle hard ends up in ambiguities, which compromise on quality of the design. A simple question in an escape room where the answer is a date can be ambiguous and difficult if a clue on the date format is not given. The answer might seem obvious but there are different formats that will leave players stranded. Even when you know the solution, multiple wrong entries can lead to a lock out.

One answer

A puzzle should only have one answer. Multiple answers will confuse players and make the game ambiguous. Evaluating a winner can also be hard if there are two answers that all seem correct.

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