Tips to Play an Online Escape Game

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Escape rooms are the sensation of 21st century. They are themed rooms which involves a series of tasks, objects, puzzles, riddles, and other tactics to escape the room. The payer navigates through one or more rooms by completing certain tasks which can be anything from solving a puzzle to killing a deadly creature – zombies.

With the advent of remote devices, internet, and use of mobile phones, online escape rooms have become an important genre in the gaming world. Online escape games offer an outstanding thrill, challenges, and tasks to navigate through multiple rooms or screens.

Tips to Play an Online Escape Game

Have you been paying an escape room game lately? Were you able to get past its levels? Well, if you’re reading this article, there are chances that you are somewhere stuck in an online escape game and can’t figure out the way to get out. If so, following are some tips to play an online escape game like a pro.

Analyze the Situation

Most online escape games are either mysteries, puzzles, and riddles. Thereby, all it comes down to a loose end that you must find to get started. Instead of analyzing the game as a whole, look for each part of the gameplay individually. Focusing on small things will make it easier to get things going without being stuck at one place for long.

Organize the Given Objects, Items, or Characters

After playing one or two rounds, you must organize the given objects, items, or characters to increase the productivity. Moreover, keeping your mind clear is as important as keeping the game screen clear. Organizing your possessions will also help you in determining the best tactic to move forward.

Get to the Logical Side

After you are done looking for small things and organizing the game in the start, it is the right time to start looking for logical puzzles. Determine each functional item or button and rely on your intellect to understand what should be done in such situation.

Also, some games or game levels will have things which have nothing to do with the gameplay. Yes, they are there to confuse the players.

Room Locks with Passwords

Most online escape games often have a lock password or puzzle as the final step to get out of the game room. It can be a combination of alphabets, letters, and alphanumeric characters. The condition to enter the correct sequence or code varies per the entire gameplay. Again, these locks with passwords often come at the last stage of the game.

Final Verdict

The above tips to plat online escape games can be applied to any escape room games. However, several things may vary per gameplay, number of characters, items, and more. In the end, all it comes down to your intellect and your inner gamer. Escape room games aren’t something you can master by reading a blogpost. It requires a lot of patience, practice, and determination – obviously while following the above tips.

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